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SAT Math Test Taking Logic on the Calculator Section

The calculator section of the SAT Test is just half of the math component, but you should be prepared before taking it. Just because you can use your calculator doesn’t mean that it will be easy. Processes and logic are just two of the components of the math SAT calculator section that you’re going to need to master.

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Multiple choice and best techniques :

When taking your SAT multiple choice questions, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the processes and logic behind math. This will be a part of your SAT multiple choice strategy.

Processes and logic are two of the best techniques to master in order to select the right answers in the SAT math test. You’ll need to examine the math questions and work through problem-solving steps to figure out the pattern. You may also need to understand the logic behind it. Both logic and the processes may be a part of solving the equation.

These processes are especially important for the calculator part of the exam. You’ll need to think your way through the operations and complete each step. If you’re doing your practice questions and you choose the wrong answer, most likely you skipped a step somewhere, or you applied the wrong formula. You might have even misunderstood a numerical pattern.

While processes and logic can be important on the no-calculator portion of the test, they’re even more important in the calculator part of the test. One of the main problems you’ll face on this part of the test is that using a calculator can often be a trap.

This is because the problem may be trying to trick you into believing you have a super difficult question, when in fact, you don’t. So now you’ll overthink it, play around a bit on the calculator, and run out of time. Often you’ll have been able to solve the question in your mind, or by scribbling out the steps on paper.

The calculator can definitely give you a false sense of security. Remember that it’s your brain that thinks, and not your calculator. The machine can only do the equations that you type into it. You want to be careful that you don’t type in the wrong math sign, the wrong steps, or even the wrong characters.

Often it’s far better to work out the problem in your mind. If you don’t work it out in your mind and pick up the calculator, then you run the risk of entering the numbers wrong, adding in too many zeros, or placing the decimal point in the wrong spot. Even jotting down a few things onto paper will help you to solve the problem much better.

It may sound a bit odd, but if you can avoid using a calculator on the SAT math calculator portion of the test, you’ll do much better at it!

When you have a solid understanding of the processes and logic behind math, you’ll do well on your calculator section of the SAT math test. Keep on practicing, and soon you’ll feel more confident when the actual exam arrives.

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A middle schooler and high schooler create a website for standardized tests.

It is more and more difficult to afford college, and more and more students are applying to colleges. Top U.S. Colleges, state and private, have ramped up their minimum requirements for entrance. Those looking for scholarships will have an even tougher time.

The first thing any college or university looks at is a standardized test score – the SAT or ACT. Each school sets a minimum score for entrance, and students who fall under that score are not admitted. “Apply to college is expensive by itself,” said Divyye Chawra, one of the co-founders of StudyBean, “parents are spending up to $200.00 for an application fee. This is non-refundable if the student is not accepted.”

The difference for an entrance could be 100 points on the SAT. Students who are serious about getting into the college of their choice look for any edge, point, and guide to help nudge their scores up.

Enter StudyBean. The brainchild of two high school students, StudyBean provides assistance on the SAT, as well as the PSAT – a test that is used to determine National Merit Scholars – a very difficult accomplishment.

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“The PSAT is given to students as early as the eighth grade. The test for the National Merit program is not until the sophomore year of high school. Our website helps those students improve their scores and try to get them to the National Merit level,” said Satwik Prakash, the other co-founder.

StudyBean focuses the majority of its help and instruction on the mathematics portion of the test, the historically most difficult portion. Test questions and practice tests are available. All are aligned as closely as possible to the actual tests.

“The goal is to find certain weaknesses. Students can then get direct help and tutoring from their teachers on these specific areas,” continued Chawra.

Several users have posted about how the site has helped them increase their scores and become assured of their mathematics abilities.

“Confidence is key when taking standardized tests. Students and school systems who report using our service have seen measurable growth on their test scores. This means more students getting into the colleges of their choice and earning scholarships,” said Prakash.

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